Newly acquired objects of sound: April to June

Not much to report, but slotting the latest Sleep album in the collection (between Sinatra’s Watertown and Sons of the Pioneers) spurred this round-up of purchases from the last few months.  Consider this the hugely super deluxe edition round up with bonus CD. The exotic noir of Amore Del Tropico was an eBay find back…

We need to talk about Earthless

Before I delve back into the Flaming Lips led misunderstood reconstruction of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, I’m gonna tell you that I have been obsessed by Earthless.  There have been a few times where I’m been consumed by music to a point where genuinely obsessive behaviour comes into play, but I can honestly…

New Additions: Where’s the Danzig?

It was my Birthday at the end of March there and, naturally, some new records have somehow found their way into my collection (nestling snugly into the ‘need to listen’ pile). I also decided to pick up an album that’s been on my list a wee while. What are they?  It’s funny you should ask….

“Man, this looks great”: December Record Round Up

Happy New Year, folks!  Figured a post about some new additions was a suitable first post of the year.  Just so happens that one of them is one of my favourite additions of 2017, while the other is my favourite addition of 2018 so far (arrived just last week).  So, here goes. *edit: I forgot…

“Found them on That Discogs”

Two new additions waiting for me when I arrived home from work. Bonus pick-me-ups at the end of a difficult week. I’ve been after these for a while and decided to snap them up when I saw them on Discogs for a couple of quid (including postage, I got them both for little over £6)….